Our Team

Attorneys & Staff

LegalWorks attorneys, staff, and volunteers are a special breed who care deeply about the equality of justice in our cities and towns. They are dedicated, smart, and empathetic to those caught up in our legal system.

James Levin

Founder / Lead Attorney

Brandilyn Cook

Staff Attorney

Michelle Tibbetts

Attorney (Child Support)

Tameem Abdullah


Tameem Abdullah
Clayreesa Barnes


Jane Norris


Of Counsel

Board of Directors

The LegalWorks Board of Directors helps us deliver on our mission while providing community connections crucial to the success of our organization.

Lenora Fletcher (President)

Director Oriana Drug Treatment Center

Michael Russell

Career Legal Services Lawyer, Legal Aid Society of Cleveland

William Grulich

Community activist, CEO Werner Smith, Inc.

Brandilyn Cook

Staff attorney, LegalWorks and Staff attorney, Svetlana Schreiber and Associates (immigration firm)

Fred D’Ambrosi

Journalist, Broadcast news director, now with Voice of America

Stephen Wexberg


Jacqueline Greene

Attorney at Friedman and Gilbert (focus on civil rights litigation)

Richard “Tad” Pinkston

Staff Attorney, Public Defender of Lake County

Elizabeth Bonham

Staff Attorney, Public Defender of Lake County

James Levin (ex officio)