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More than ever we need to put all members of our community in a position where they can pursue employment opportunities unhindered by mistakes of the past. A theft offense or drug violation years ago can obstruct someone from employment possibilities, credit, housing choices, and even health care. Fortunately, the Ohio legislature in October 2018, widely expanded the numbers and types of cases that can get sealed. Literally, thousands of individuals whose records were not sealable 18 months ago can now go back to the courts and seal their records, lifting a great yolk with respect to opportunity and imbuing the individual with a powerful sense of esteem and renewal.

Unlike other non-profits, LegalWorks does the work that is needed. We don’t just suggest how to process the motion but will represent the client throughout the process until the final resolution. Sometimes, that includes going back to “old” cases and vacating disqualifying convictions. If a current arrest warrant is blocking the process, we will work with the client and the courts to remove the warrant. We will do everything possible to advocate for our clients. As you can imagine, this can be time and labor-intensive, yet our fees remain nominal regardless. That’s why your financial support is so important!

LegalWorks has sealed over 1000 records in 2022 alone!

That’s a lot of people given the chance to improve life for themselves, their families and your community.

Even during the CV outbreak we have taken on dozens of new clients, filed new motions and positively resolved pending motions. The CV outbreak, however, has hindered our fundraising efforts. Nevertheless, we intend to sustain our four offices, two on the east side and two on the west, and our small but dedicated staff.

If you are in a position, please consider a contribution to LegalWorks.

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James Levin
Founder & Lead Attorney

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